Moving Hints

Hints For A Smooth Move …

READY: Preparation

  • Decide what items you will move to your new home.
  • Organize and clear any clutter and/or items you will NOT be moving.
  • Schedule your FREE estimate with Top Fight Moving Services.
  • Draft a sketch of furniture arrangements at your new home.
  • Schedule utilities for connection at your new home.
  • Schedule utilities for disconnection at your former home.

SET: Get Packing

  • Begin the packing process at first notice of your move date. It’s never too early.
  • Begin packing items rarely or only seasonally used.
  • Use packing paper, newspaper and bubble wrap generously.
  • Tightly pack each box. This lessens the risk of damage.
  • Label “Fragile” any boxes containing breakables.
  • Label each box with designated room and contents.
  • Before loading, separate “Fragile” boxes from those containing non-breakables.
  • Flammable items should never be packed!

GO: Moving Day

  • Remain with your belongings until loading is complete.
  • Do a final walk-through to be sure the home is empty.
  • Give your driver a cell number so that he may reach you at any time during transit.
  • Secure your former home, set air/heat to appropriate settings.
  • Surrender house keys, garage door openers, alarm codes, etc. of your former home.
  • Confirm utility disconnect or transfer within 24 hours.