Frequently Asked Questions

Is an estimate necessary?

Absolutely! At Top Flight Moving Services we offer FREE, NO OBLIGATION estimates on local, long distance and commercial moves.

What is a binding estimate?

A binding estimate assures no hidden surprises for either party. Based upon the specific services you request/require at the time, we can provide a more precise cost estimate for you.

Is there a perfect time to move?

Certainly the more advance notice you can provide us of your move, the better for us all. We typically are the busiest during such peak moving times as summer-just after the school year ends; the end of any given month-many leases terminate and home sales close month’s end; on or near major holidays-families desire to be settled in their new homes for holidays, as well, many have additional time away from work to coordinate and complete a move.

How long will my move take?

The variables are great, depending on weather conditions and time of year, the volume of your belongings (which dictates the required load and unload time), and the distance and accessibility to your new home. At the time of estimate, we can approximate the time it will take to complete your individual move.

What are the payment arrangements?

A deposit is required at the time we take possession of your belongings. The balance is due before we unload at the new location.

What if my belongings are lost or damaged?

You are protected, but the level of protection depends on you. At the time of the estimate, you can choose between Full-Value or Released Rate Liability coverages. These options will be thoroughly discussed at the time of estimate so you can make an informed decision.

Must I take my belongings out of my dressers and chests?

As long as the belongings are very lightweight such as sweaters, shirts, blouses, and lingerie, you may leave them in the drawers. Please note that drawers may not contain heavy items such as books, table linens or sheets, which can overload the drawers, causing damage during transit. We advise you to never leave fragile items or valuables in any drawers. This includes delicate or small glass, money, jewelry or watches, as well as anything that may leak or spill during transit.